FX Brings The Walking Dead Down Under

Hit series The Walking Dead will finally make it to Australian screens, with the launch of new entertainment channel, FX.

Foxtel will launch new channel FX in early 2012, with plans to air the latest shows on the same day and date as their US premieres. The HD channel will be available as part of Foxtel's basic package, and will feature the latest in drama, comedy, action, thrillers and sci-fi.

Leading the charge is zombie smash hit The Walking Dead, which will make its long-awaited Aussie debut with ad-free, back-to-back screenings of seasons one and two.

While the first season aired on US cable channel AMC last year, the second season is being split, with the first half premiering this Sunday and the remaining six episodes airing in February. So we're hedging our bets that FX will let us catch up, and then air the second half of season two at the same time as the US.

Also set to debut on FX at launch are The Transporter and Hell On Wheels, which are also yet to air on US screens.

The Transporter is -- wait for it -- based on the Transporter film series, and stars Chris Vance (Prison Break, All Saints) who plays Jason Statham's role of an ex-special forces operator who works as a courier in the European crime underworld.

In contrast, Hell On Wheels is set in America's wild west during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.

"We're incredibly excited to be launching FX next year. It's a brand that's known around the world for its edgy entertainment, and we're proud to be creating an Australian version that will feature the hottest shows around," said Karin Simoncini, Managing Director of FOX International Channels (FIC) Australia.

"This will be a high-quality destination for viewers, where they can settle in to watch these amazing shows in an amazing TV environment," Ms Simoncini added.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel's Executive Director of Television, said, "Since its inception, Foxtel has continually strengthened the array of channels and programming it offers to its subscribers. With the launch of FX, we will mark another important step forward in the delivery of the best international television content to Australian homes."

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Nov 30, 2011
really who waits for FOXTEL these days... what a joke..
Oct 13, 2011
Sort of Excellent news but I still can't honestly believe they've waited so long to air this show when fOXTEL won the right to it years ago. And FYI regardless of what they say fX isn't a new channel - There was an FX on FOTEL years ago then it vanished, So it's not so much a new channel as it is a returning channel but whatever...Now to decide watch Season 2 of TWD as it airs in america or wait until FOXTEL get off their backside - gee I wonder which I'll choose!
Oct 10, 2011
This show is OK. It's no Breaking Bad but with it having had its finale tonight i'm looking forward and grateful for new episodes of The Walking Dead starting next week