Paul Haggis' Crash, a movie about a group of Los Angeles residents whose lives intersect after a violent carjacking, is headed for a second wind as an FX TV series.

Crash star and coproducer Don Cheadle will be working on the television endeavor, along with several others who were involved with the film. Producers are looking into the possibility of having other movie cast members, such as Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Matt Dillon, and Ludacris, reprise their parts.

Haggis has worked on television shows such as thirtysomething, Family Law, and Due South but largely abandoned the TV world to write feature film scripts. His critically acclaimed Million Dollar Baby earned him an Oscar nomination, and Crash has made almost $50 million at the box office, proving that the career risk was well worth it.

Interestingly, Haggis initially developed Crash as a television series, but no networks expressed interest. He and cowriter Bobby Moresco turned the project into a film, and now the pair is bringing it back to its small-screen origins.

Crash is based on Haggis' own experience as a carjacking victim.