FX orders 30 more Days

Cable channel FX has ordered another season of Morgan Spurlock's reality show 30 Days. Season three of Days will feature six hour-long episodes following individuals who enter into lifestyles they are completely unfamiliar with.

Past episodes of 30 Days have featured contentious pairings. In one, a homophobic Christian moved in with a gay roomate in San Francisco's Castro District. In another, an athiest spent a month living in the home of a devoutly Christian family.

Spurlock will appear in two segments this time--in the first season, he took a minimum-wage job to see if he could realistically live on it; in the second, he spent a month in jail.

Spurlock directed 2004's documentary hit Super Size Me. In that film, Spurlock made himself eat nothing but McDonald's super-sized fast-food meals for a month. At the end of the month, his body and mental health had deteriorated markedly.

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