FX Renews Wilfred for Season 3

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Is Ryan crazy? Is he sane? Is Wilfred real? Is he a demon from Hell posing as a man in a dog suit in an attempt to fracture Ryan's psyche with bong hits and poor advice? We may find out someday, or we may spend another season chasing our tails 'til we're dizzy, because FX has renewed Wilfred for a third season.

But the series will return without its creator David Zuckerman (technically, he's the man who adapted the Australian version of the show for American audiences) at the wheel, as he is stepping down from his duties as showrunner. FX says the choice was Zuckerman's. Writers Reed Agnew and Eli Jorné will take his place, while Zuckerman remains on as an executive producer.

Wilfred has shown moments of absolute brilliance, but it's also stumbled under some of the weight it's put on by trying to be more than just a typical sitcom. The series constantly toys with questions surrounding Ryan's sanity, but it also constantly falls back on being a comedy; as a result, there's never a lot of progress with regard to actually answering those questions. It's a blessing and a curse, because what makes the show so unique is also what's holding it back from being the show we keep waiting for it to be. Still, even if it doesn't always fulfill its potential as a new breed of serialized comedy, it never fails to leave me laughing week in and week out.

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