FX Repeat Arrested Development and The Wire

Being the lovely channel that it is, FX is sharing its 2011 highlights with us; and they include reruns of The Wire and Arrested Development, and the launch of new US show The Defenders.

BSkyB may have just bought the rights to The Wire (for their upcoming online service Sky Anytime), but that isn't deterring FX from airing it again, from the beginning. The critically acclaimed crime drama, which first aired in the UK on FX, will start again in March. Meanwhile, the popular comedy Arrested Development will re-launch in February next year.

Also expected to air in February is the UK premiere of NCIS' eighth season and a repeat of The Walking Dead. January next year, meanwhile, sees the launch of True Blood's third season (on Friday 14), American Dad's sixth season, as well as reruns of Breaking Bad and The Cleveland Show's first series (the latter of which will be a channel premiere for FX).

In spring The Defenders is set to begin in the UK. The legal drama, starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell, follows two Las Vegas defence attorneys as they go about their work. The show has proved fairly popular on CBS, gaining an average of 11 million to its first series and a second season pick-up.

Established American drama Dexter, which usually airs on FX in the UK, won't be returning for its fifth season until the summer according to the channel's current highlights. Exact dates on most of the mentioned shows "are not yet fixed", however, so this could be subject to change. The Listener's second season and web series The Booth are also expected to make their UK debut next year. What are you most excited about?

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Nov 25, 2010
Breaking Bad for me and any opportunity to watch The Wire again is always good. Is there any news on when Season 3 of Breaking Bad will be airing?

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