G4 Ditches Gaming Programming, Cancels Attack of the Show and X-Play

According to social norms, there comes a time in every gamer's life when he must put down the controller, throw out the anime companion pillow, and feel the warmth of that glowing orb in the sky by spending some time outside. Or he must replace the gaming lifestyle with an 80-hour work week, doing reps of 10 whatevers at the gym, and applying several coats of Axe Body Spray. (Lady gamers, feel free to substitute your own pathetically off-the-mark gaming steretypes.) The same is apparently true for cable networks, as G4 has decided it's getting out of the game game.

Originally set up as a channel devoted to the culture of video games and the digital world, G4 today canceled its long-running shows Attack of the Show and X-Play, according to gaming blog Kotaku, in what is expected to be a rebranding of the channel into a young male's haven in the vein of men's magazines GQ and Esquire. Gross.

Attack of the Show, which covered movies, gadgets, and pop culture in addition to games, and X-Play, which stuck to just games, will both continue production before powering down at the end of the year.

Cartoon Network isn't all cartoons anymore, Syfy isn't sci-fi anymore, MTV hasn't showed a music video in a decade... and now G4. Though gamers should be getting their gaming information from my old friends at Giant Bomb and Gamespot anyway...

I have fond memories of vegging out to Filter and Cinematech back in the old days. Aside from Olivia Munn licking PSPs, what are your favorite G4 memories?

For inspiration, here's a video of Munn deep-throating a hot dog.

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