Game of Thrones Casts Three Big Roles

... There are no Game of Thrones spoilers in this news item, so don't worry. HBO's epic fantasy—emphasis on the "epic"—has cast two more roles for Season 2. Dutch actress Carice van Houten will wear the red robe of Melisandre, a mysterious woman with connections to Stannis Baratheon and who has all of Westeros seeing red. van Houten has appeared in the films Repo Men and Valkyrie. Stannis will be played British actor Stephen Dillane, who played Thomas Jefferson in HBO's acclaimed John Adams. Those of you who've read the books will see that once again the Game of Thrones casting team has done a great job. Personal book reading update: Just finished Book 3 OMG!! BREAKING: The role of Davos, the smuggling Onion Knight, has also been cast: Irish actor Liam Cunningham (Camelot) takes the role. He looks perfect! [EW and EW]

... It worked for Lost, but can it work for How I Met Your Mother? The CBS comedy is looking at making its eighth season as its last, according to executive producer Craig Thomas. Nothing is set in stone, but lots of contracts are up and the likelihood of CBS wanting to pay out all that money is pretty slim. [TV Guide]

... If you're looking for a 180-minute test for your gag reflex, clear your schedule for August 8! That's when ABC's Bachelor Pad will kick off its second season of horrible people doing horrible things with a whopping three-hour episode. That's a Lord of the Rings amount of wastes-of-space Jake and Vienna yelling at each other while we wonder what mistake we made as a civilization to lead up to this moment. [EW]

... Glee producer Michael Novick is suing Glee co-creator Ian Brennan, saying Brennan cheated him out of money for coming up with the idea of Glee. Novick originally envisioned the project as a film, but showrunner Ryan Murphy tweaked the idea to make it a TV show. Apparently Brennan promised Novick a share of the profits and didn't pay up. I guess this isn't really that interesting, but I like to hear bad news about Glee. [TMZ]

... More lawsuit nastiness! CBS is suing the man behind NBC's The Firm for breach of contract. The network says Lukas Reiter developed the upcoming show exclusively for CBS, but after CBS passed on it a few years ago, he took a rewrite over to NBC, where it was since been picked up. It's lawyers lawyering over a show about lawyers, so don't be surprised if the fabric of space-time rips open and Tom Cruise jumps out wearing a tinfoil hat. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby scandal (he boinked his maid) will be used as a ripped-from-the-headlines plot for Law & Order: SVU, because that's just how the Law & Order franchise rolls, son. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cartoon Network is developing a live-action Captain Planet movie, because saving planets is, like, so cool now. This has to be a comedy, right? [Deadline Hollywood]

... South Park has a return date for the second half of Season 15: October 5! And according to Comedy Central, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are under contract through 2013, so that whole debate about whether Matt and Trey were calling it quits—which arose after that amazing episode where Stan outgrew his friends—is settled. They ain't going nowhere. [EW]

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