Game of Thrones Is Turning Its Filming Locations Into Tourist Traps

Westeros as we know it might be disappearing from HBO when Game of Thrones comes to an end next year, but it's not disappearing from the world altogether!

Rather than tear down all its elaborate sets, HBO plans to turn its Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland into tourist traps so fans can visit famous locations from the show like Winterfell, Castle Black and Kings Landing. Fans can also take a formal studio tour that will include other locations from the show. Exhibits won't just give fans a chance to walk around Westeros though, they'll feature costumes, props, weapons, set decorations, art files, models, and other production materials from the show.

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"HBO is thrilled to celebrate the work of the Game of Thrones creative team and crew by preserving these locations and inviting fans to visit Northern Ireland and explore Westeros in person," said HBO's VP of licensing and retail, Jeff Peters in a statement. "The opportunity to celebrate Northern Ireland's pivotal role in the life and legacy of the show and share its culture, beauty and warmth is also a huge inspiration behind these Legacy projects."

HBO is looking to open the sites in 2019, so start saving now! If you've got the cash to get yourself across pond, you too can stand atop the turrets of Winterfell and pretend you're half as cool as Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner).

Game of Thrones returns for its final season in 2019.

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Sep 29, 2018
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Sep 25, 2018
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