Game of Thrones: How Would You Rank the Characters According to Hotness?

Yesterday, The Hairpin ranked the men of Game of Thrones according to hotness. Obviously I clicked, because how could you not? But then I found myself utterly confused: Jon Snow finished seventeenth? I mean, maybe he was too predictable a choice for the top honor, but I'd take the bastard over Davos Seaworth—who came in fifteenth—any day. Also: Melisandre's murderous Shadow Baby beats Gendry? And that adorable giant from the Season 3 premiere didn't even make the list? Naturally, I now require your opinion on this very important matter. 

For the record, my current pick for Seven Kingdoms Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is Robb Stark; Jon Snow, while very beautiful, is a little too flustered and wimpy-seeming these days. Man up, Jon Snow! And because is an equal opportunity outfit when it comes to judging the sex appeal of fictional characters, let's feel free to include the women, too. On the ladies' side, I'm thinking Ygritte is where it's at: Girl is hot and funny and and she doesn't take any sh*t (Dany's a little too serious for me, and Ser Jorah would probably get in the way). Where do YOU stand?

We'll keep adding to the poll based on your comments... 

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