The Best Amazon Prime Day Deal Is a Game of Thrones Steal

Amazon's annual Prime Day may not have tons of deals for television fans out there -- but hey, check out all those sales on light bulbs! -- but the one it does have is sweeter than one of Old Nan's lemon cakes.

The Prime Day deal to get is the box set for Seasons 1-6 of Game of Thrones, which is on sale from the MSRP of $189.99 all the way down to $69.99. That's... [attempt to do math, fails] big savings! That's like $10 and the price of a small bag of chips per season! That's like a quarter for every grisly death! That's like a penny for every time you'll wonder how HBO could afford to make the show! It's a good deal, which is what I'm saying.

Oh, and if you've got a grand and a half to spare, you can watch your Game of Thrones box set on this sweet new 65-inch 4K smart TV from Sony!

Prime Day is Amazon's way of wrangling in new Amazon Prime subscriptions, which gives members free 2-day shipping, special access to deals and the ability to stream Amazon's video offerings, which includes originals like The Man in the High Castle and Transparent as well as back seasons of other shows, like Orphan Black and Justified.

To get a membership, just go sign up by filling out the necessary info. Order the Game of Thrones box set, hide out in your attic with a portable DVD player, and binge until July 16, when Season 7 starts up.

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