Game of Thrones' New "In Production" Video Reveals New Characters and an Older Arya

If you're a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin, I suspect you may get into it with other fans from time to time over your favorite characters, your picks for the most badass moments, or your personal take on whose heiny belongs on the sharpened Iron Throne. But one thing is simply not up for debate: Book 3, A Storm of Swords, is the best of the series so far (five of the seven planned books have been published, and Martin is tapping away at his keyboard on Book 6). This is not a question! If you think otherwise, then you're obviously illiterate and you've only been pretending to read and you were probably holding the book upside down on the bus while everyone else laughed at you. Book 3 was/is awesome.

Book 3 is also the source material for Seasons 3 and 4 of HBO's Game of Thrones, so polish your leather breastpiece and make sure you have a big stash of soft unbreakable things to throw across the room because what happens in A Storm of Swords will rip you to shreds. HBO released a first-look "In Production" piece focusing on Season 3 last night, and now's a really good time to stop reading this and click the play button.

Whoa! First things first! Maisie Williams is looking a bit older, isn't she!? Oh, kids, why do you have to grow up? Better get to filming Seasons 4 through 10, HBO.

But besides revealing who went through puberty over break and who didn't, the video also offers a few first looks at several "new" characters. Meera and Jojen Reed, Mance Rayder, and Edmure Tully make a few appearances, as does one of my favorite characters, the elderly Queen of Thorns. But the most impressive debut (or, technically, re-debut) comes at the 1:53 mark with Beric Dondarrion, who actually made a brief appearance in Season 1 but will now return new and improved with an eyepatch and a flaming sword. And if you ask me, they nailed Dany's Unsullied. Season 3 looks fantastic. I just can't wait for [spoiler] to [spoiler] [spoiler] and [spoiler]. Get ready, everyone! (And please don't post spoilers from the books in the comments.)

Game of Thrones Season 3 debuts March 31, 2013 on HBO.

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