There isn't even a month left until Game of Thrones returns for Season 2, but we still can't get enough new trailers to keep us sated until the Clash of Kings really begins. HBO is an understanding lot, and released a third full trailer for the series over the weekend. It's a hodge-podge of footage we've already seen, footage we haven't, dialogue we've already heard, dialogue we haven't, and Joffrey looking super smug in The Iron Thrones all set to the tune of that band everyone thinks they like.

Things look like they're going well for Robb, crummy for Arya, even crummier for Jaime Lannister, and like a bad hair day x 1,000 for whoever was on the other end of The Hound's two-handed downward strike. Yeesh! As if you didn't already know, Game of Thrones returns April 1.

But even cooler was The Simpsons' loving tribute to the Game of Thrones credit sequence from last night's episode. It's one minute of genius at work and almost makes us forget that The Simpsons is really just around to print money. Check out part of it in the YouTube video below quickly before Fox calls for the poster's head and dispatches its legal team to filet him. And for the full version, head over to io9. It's totally worth it. We'll wait.

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