Game of Thrones Mega Buzz: Jon Snow's Parentage May Be the Ultimate "Red Herring"

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Game of Thrones finally confirmed Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) long-speculated-about parentage last season, but was that all just a distraction from the real purpose of Bran's new Three-Eyed Raven abilities?

Ever since Bran learned that Jon is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, fans have been itching for him to share the news with Jon and reveal that he has a valid claim to the Iron Throne. But according to Isaac Hempstead-Wright, the visions of Jon's parentage are likely "a bit of a red herring."

Say what now?!

It turns out, Jon's parentage might not be all that important to the overarching story going forward. But what really matters will be what Bran learned about the origin of the White Walkers through his visions. In fact, according to Hempstead-Wright, Bran hasn't even considered yet what he'll say to Jon about what he saw at the Tower of Joy!

But if a person is a Targaryen and never acts on that knowledge, does it even really matter? (If that person then decides to sleep with his aunt, most definitely!)

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