Ganatra: Chryed can't stay together

The couple's secret relationship has now been exposed but Nitin - who plays Syed's father Masood Ahmed - admitted a happy ending is unlikely to be on the cards.

He told Digital Spy: "One part of me would like to see them together and then go for civil marriage and then adoption. The problem is, though, once you've found happiness in soapland, that's usually the end of your lifespan in the show. In order for them to survive, I don't want to see them together! There has to be conflict!"

Christian, played by John Partridge, and married Muslim Syed, played by Marc Elliott, had been having a secret affair which was finally exposed to all of Albert Square, leading to Syed's heartbroken wife Amira (Preeya Kalidas) leaving the soap.

Nitin revealed they gave the actress a good send-off.

He said: "Of course. The Masoods get along so well and it's such a rare blessing to enjoy being around the actors that you work with. She had a great send-off."

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