Gary Coleman (1968-2010)

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... The Grim Reaper of B-List celebrities has been working hard lately, and the latest actor to feel the icy touch is Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman. The 42-year old suffered trauma to the head after a fall earlier this week and was on life support after doctors discovered a brain hemorrhage. He was declared dead this morning. [CNN TV]

... Ghost Whisperer, canceled earlier this month by CBS, was thought to have a second chance at life via ABC. The network showed interest in saving the show, giving fans of the other-worldly drama a glimmer of hope. Well, that hope was extinguished as the show's executive producers conceded defeat and announced that Ghost Whisperer is gone for good. C'mon BET, save Jennifer Love Hewitt! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Andy Richter is doing his best impersonation of Drew Carey and going the game-show route. Conan's sidekick is in final discussions to host CBS' daytime redo Pyramid, a modern version of the classic quiz show. [LA Times]

... Want to know where every TV show ended up in the ratings and average viewership numbers this season? Deadline Hollywood has put together a list of all the programs from major networks and ranked 'em all. Tops is American Idol, obviously, and The CW owns the bottom of the barrel. Check 'em out. [Deadline Hollywood]

... MTV is adapting another British show, this time The Inbetweeners. Just weeks after greenlighting an adaptation of Skins, MTV decided to add to its growing expanse of original programming that doesn't involve Guidos with a domestic take on the very funny comedy about awkward teenage years. Now if we could only get an original idea for once. [Deadline Hollywood]

... SyFy continues to morph itself into a normal cable network with the addition of three new series in the reality genre. That feared cooking show is coming; Marcel's Quantum Kitchen will see Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron create banquet parties for rich people, but I fail to see how this qualifies as sci-fi. Paranormal Witness will examine people who have lived through unexplained phenomena. And Face Off is a reality competition between make-up and special effects artists. [SyFy via press release]

... The Arizona Immigration law is a hot topic of debate, but now its supporters are messing with the wrong chica. Proponents of the law, which allows authorities to question people suspected of being in the country illegally, have begun using images of Dora the Explorer to make their case. Dora. The cartoon. They've bloodied her up and thrown her in a mugshot. That'll get their point across. [CBS News]

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