GCB: "Love Is Patient" Indeed

GCB S01E03: "Love Is Patient"

GCB finally delivered the "Texas-sized" laughs the promos have been promising me in big, crystal-encrusted letters last night. Well, more like Texas Toast-sized dry chuckles. Okay, I didn't necessarily laugh out loud, but the third episode of the cartoony soap for once exceeded my expectations.

Gigi continued to try and play fantasy fairy godmother, despite Amanda's willful plunge into depression and inadequacy, setting up a double date with two hot guys and instructing Amanda to put on a Valentino and wait on her bed. Amanda was NOT READY to be HAPPY—GEEZ MOM get off my back! U.S. Marshals had just send her a very touching letter from her deceased husband, so she spent the episode rattled to the core about her ex and her unresolved feelings of betrayal.

Meanwhile, the three marriages of Amanda's world enemies took center stage. Cricket (see! I know her name, she grew on me) had sex with her trainers as her hubby had his affair with his ranch hand. Carlene ventured further into the cartoon logic of the show in her attempts to interest her husband in sex, including pulling a saddle out of thin air. The Eater could not figure out whether or not she should confront her husband about kissing Amanda, so her whole looking-worried-while-eating thing had a specific significance instead of just being a failed running joke.

Actually, The Eater got the best moment of the season so far when she called up the Texas Chili Council and slipped in a question about her relationship to the very knowledgeable Chili Councilwoman. If the show would put a little more of the absurdism on the shoulders of delightful periphery characters, instead of making the three main C-Bitches see-saw between being formidable foes and screeching caricatures, the humor would work better. As it is, all three bitches took turns silently reacting to the clunky dialogue with carefully timed flared nostrils and widened eyes.

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Mar 24, 2012
Honestly, I think the Eater was fantastic. That Chili Council phone call was perfection.

- Of course. With beans, without beans, turkey, venison, 4-alarm. I'd be ashamed to call myself a Texan otherwise.

- Yes, I have, and no non-cartoon, non-Hollywood-warped church is going to have an event like that.

- Chenowyth is like an ant: vastly more powerful than her size would imply. (I LOVE Kristin in everything she's done, but if I met Carlene, I'd kick that tiny body from Highland Park to Deep Ellum.

- Stay full cartoon. The worst mistake this show could make would be to take itself too seriously.

- It's tragic, and yes, claustrophobic because she's trapped herself into a situation that prevents her from a real marriage, and living a secret life is exhausting.
Mar 21, 2012
Excellent review as always Lily, and to answer your questions

- No I have never made chilli, but I love to eat it

- No, and I dont think any church sponsored singles session is like this one

- Theres a lot of strength in that tiny package

- I think the show needs to bring the cartooniness a bit, to give the characters a bit more depth, because right now they're just going back and forth and its a bit confusing cause you dont know whether youre supposed to be feeling sorry for the characters, or laughing at how ridiculous they are i.e the eater

- I think its a little bit of both, I actually love how at ease the two of them are with each other and the mutual give and take they both share, but hopefully like you said the show will find a way to help them get out of it and grow at the same time, while not damaging the love they so clearly feel for each other.
Mar 20, 2012
I am a bigger fan of Cricket's marriage than I expected to be. After the pilot I thought it would be way more stereotypical. But their marriage seems to be based on mutual respect and admiration, as well as affection. I also think that while sex is not a factor in their marriage, love absolutely is. I'm not certain they're in love, but I think that they are best friends and love the hell out of each other as well as their daughter. Remember last episode when he reassured her that she was a good mother and she expressed condolences that his lover had left him? Cricket and her husband may not be lovers, but they are a family.
Mar 20, 2012
- What a great episode, I love this show already. Its trash at its finest, it always manages to be campy, funny and so over the top.

- We are slowly getting some depth of character and the unspooling of story lines. I liked the fact that they are not dragging them out.

- The Texas Council Culinary Hotline scene was hilarious.

- Annie Potts is awesome.... We need more of her. I also like Cricket.

- Bill being alive would be a great season finale cliffhanger. I just hated it as the episode ending, as it was sort of vague.

- They have to work on Amanda, she's not very interesting.

- have to say, I really like Blake and Cricket's relationship. The discussion in the bedroom at the end was so sweet. Now, I know he should not be closeted, she should be in a healthy relationship, etc but couples stay together for worse reasons and they clearly really respect each other. Besides, she spelled it out at the end of the episode: stating that not even her father really loved her (or something to that effect... she may be too fragile (or becuase of her daddy issues think she is) to trust herself even long enough to play the field and say she finds 'the real one' if she faced the issues that Carlene and Sharon have faced so far in the last 2 episodes she might crack completely
Mar 20, 2012
GCB is just plain awesome all three episodes to date have exceeded my expectations!!!

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