GE won't sell NBC

GE chairman Jeff Immelt isn't thinking about selling NBC Universal. While he admits NBC isn't where it wants to be--the network is currently in fourth place--Immelt said in an interview today with Conde Nast editor-in-chief Joanne Lipman that the plan is to fix the ailing network, not get rid of it.

"When you're in a good industry and you're good at it but not where you want to be, you fix it," he said. "I can't think of a scenario in which we'd [sell NBC U]."

Earlier this week, Immelt replaced outgoing NBC U chairman Bob Wright with NBC Universal TV Group president Jeff Zucker. Immelt explained one reason why, under Zucker's regime, NBC fell from first place among the nets to fourth.

"Some shows we hung on to longer than we should have because they were high-quality," he said. "We got complacent; we stopped taking risks."

Earlier this week, Zucker credited NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly with slowly turning NBC's fortunes around with shows like My Name Is Earl, The Office, and Heroes.

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