George Clooney, Eriq La Salle return to ER

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NBC is pulling the plug on incredibly long-lived medical drama ER. The show, once a blockbusting hit, has seen ratings and interest dwindle in recent years, and its currently-airing 15th season will be its last. But a warhorse like ER deserves a hero's farewell, and it looks like it's going to get just that in the form of visits from stars past.

Noah Wyle, who played Dr. John Carter in the show's first through 11th seasons, is returning for a four-episode arc and has confirmed to TV Guide that Eriq La Salle will also return as Dr. Peter Benton. Of even more interest to ER devotees and fans of silver-fox movie stars, Wyle teased the return of George Clooney as the original "McDreamy," Dr. Doug Ross.

"From what I heard, George said, 'absolutely,' schedule permitting," Wyle stated.

Clooney's publicist has refused to comment on Wyle's declarations, but we've become familiar with the true meaning of a publicist's "no comment" and will be looking forward to Clooney's return.

Anthony Edwards, another former ER star, will reprise his role of Dr. Mark Greene in this Thursday's episode. Since it seems that the doors of County General Hospital are flung wide open, now might be the time to be vocal about who else you'd like to see roaming those hallowed halls. Julianna Margulies? Laura Innes? Sherry Stringfield? Use the comments box, and let's hope NBC is reading this!

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