George Lopez, TBS joining late-night battle

As if the inclusion of Jimmy Fallon and the new time slot for Jay Leno wasn't enough of a change for late-night television, a new face and network are getting into the thick of things. TBS is bringing on George Lopez to host his own talk show, which promises some new takes on the standard genre.

Lopez, one of the most popular Mexican-American comedians working today, will do more than just sit behind a desk and yap with celebrity friends. TBS promises "an outdoor street-party atmosphere and a high-energy crowd," as well as the chance for audience members to interact with the guests--which could be a very good idea or a very bad idea.

"George Lopez is a special talent, with an everyman appeal tha makes him uniquely positioned to be the next great late-night host," said TBS executive Michael Wright.

Lopez's show--which is still untitled--is scheduled to debut in November of this year. It will air Monday through Thursday night at 11 p.m.

I ask you, faithful readers, will this work? Another late-night talk show… on TBS? What kind of guests can George Lopez expect to get?

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