George Negus can help you find your Way

George Negus gets his very own street name in Queensland.

Australia has Ramsay Street, -->Melrose Place-->, Television Rd, Jump Street, AC/DC Lane and even some Wisteria Lanes. Now it has George Negus Way.

On Monday the veteran journo official had a street named after him in Logan City.

George Negus Way was made official in the outer-Brisbane suburb after Logan Mayor Pam Parker unveiled the street sign before a small gathering, including its honoured namesake.

The idea came from Nova Brisbane's breakfast show after interviewing George for the 7pm Project after they discovered Negus was born in their fair city in 1942.

Nova hosts Meshel, Tim and Marty championed the idea to a number of local councils.

As part of the corridor to the Gold Coast, Logan City is the fastest growing area in Brisbane, so its new development was perfectly placed to take up the idea.

Negus doesn't have any specific connection to the area, having been born in the inner western Brisbane suburb of Indooroopilly. However, he was grateful for the acknowledgement by the local council at the official unveiling.

The SBS presenter is certainly enjoying a resurgence at the moment, thanks largely to his regular appearances on the 7pm Project. Adding some gravitas -- and worldly experience -- alongside Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes, Negus has found a new audience to complement his more serious role as host of SBS current affairs show Dateline.

This weekend he will join with the 7pm team for a special election night edition, to air at 6:30pm AEST on Saturday, August 21.

Until such time as he is declared a National Living Treasure, or inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame, we'll just have to make do with George Negus Way in Logan City.

But it's all OK with George, who, in his usual jovial sense of humour, couldn't help but notice that Logan City is being marketed as a suburb for retirees. Hope it's not a sign!

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