Get Gossip Girl However You Want

Listen up, Upper East Siders: new Gossip Girl episodes are on their way and they'll be available on iTunes from 11th March - a day after their British TV debut. The hit drama returns to US screens and ITV2 next week for the second part of season three. The UK will air new episodes two days after the US broadcast (from 9pm on March 10). And viewers will now be able to download each episode from iTunes the day after the UK broadcast.

Season Three has already featured guest stars including Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff. With the debut of Episode 13, The Hurt Locket, next Wednesday the scandals and secrets are sure to come flying thick and fast. Fans will now be able to indulge themselves wherever and however many times they like: On screen on ITV2, on demand on ITV Player, and online via iTunes.

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