Get Ready for Chucktoberfest; The Nerd Herd May Return This Month

Chuck news? In October? NBC's crumbling empire could actually mean good things for one of its fan favorites. With Southland on the outs, NBC is looking to fill its schedule with something, and that something could very well be Chuck, says

Chuck defied looming cancellation last season and has been scheduled to return in March, but with real estate opening up on NBC's schedule, it may very well be go-time for Chuck Bartowski and the Nerd Herd. The show could return as early as sometime this month.

If you are a Chuck fan (and seems to be full of them), you're probably doing cartwheels right now. But heed this: An early start may not be the best thing for the show. A few weeks of promotion may not be enough time to get word out that Chuck is returning so soon and could hurt the show's numbers. If it airs in October instead of March, Chuck will also miss out on promos scheduled to run during NBC's telecasts of the Winter Olympics, which is the whole reason Chuck was pushed to the odd start time of March in the first place.

But there is one silver lining (in addition to improving the overall quality of television, because let's face it, Chuck is better than most other stuff out there). If Chuck gets a head start, it greatly increases the show's chances of getting a full-season order instead of the 13 episodes currently planned for its third season.

Some potential good and some potential bad. Chucksters, what are your thoughts on the situation?

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