Get Ready for Will Ferrell to Sell You Beer (VIDEO)

I know that most of you criminals out there steal your TV shows from torrents on the internet so that you can watch programs commercial-free. And if you're not illegally downloading them, you're probably harnessing the power of DVR technology and waiting to start watching until 20 minutes after a show starts to create a "freedom buffer" that allows you to fast-forward through ads. But some of us still do have to endure the screaming, pretty young people and bald rappers having Dr. Pepper parties that advertising companies think we're interested in.

And every once in a rare while we're glad we live in the Stone Ages and can't find the remote, thanks to clever commercials that are more entertaining than they are annoying. You know, like when Isaiah Mustafa bared his chest and charming smile while riding a horse to shill the virtues of Old Spice deodorant. Now there's a new ad campaign on the horizon that might similarly interrupt our bathroom breaks.

Will Ferrell, big movie star, reportedly filmed these spots for Old Milwaukee beer free of charge, according to Business Insider. And as much as I don't worship at the comedy altar of Ferrell like others do, I can't help but giggle at these three spots, which are currently only running locally in Davenport, Iowa.

Will Ferrell did these for free. He flew to Davenport to shoot them, because why the F not? He's Will Ferrell. Expect these to go national soon and viral by the end of today.

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