Get Your Fill of Nuclear Tension with the Full Pilot of Last Resort (VIDEO)

Not all of the new shows coming out this season are about country singers' age differences or moving to Malibu, doctors working for the mob or being monkeys, or guys with kids or gays who want kids. One of them is a bout a frickin' nuclear submarine commanded by a badass baritone who takes over an island while unraveling a government conspiracy to have him blown up and blamed for starting World War III! Yep, at least one new network show this season—ABC's Last Resort—has balls.

And now you can get a load of those balls in this advanced online preview of the pilot, embedded below. Keep an eye out for Scott Speedman making his triumphant television return to TV, Autumn Reeser in her underwear, and Karen from Falling Skies (Jessy Schram) playing the opposite end of her age range!

That was tense! But how is the show going to stretch this premise out into a full 22-episode season and seasons beyond? Are their Others on the island? Is the submarine haunted? Or will this actually be a good old-fashioned intelligent political thriller?

Last Resort debuts Thursday, September 27 at 8pm on ABC.

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