Gilmore Girls: Where Are They Now?

Ever since Gilmore Girls ended its seven-season run in 2007, I’ve been struggling to cope with a Gilmore-free life. I miss the rapid-fire pop culture references, the Friday-night dinners, the Hep Alien gigs, and even those late-night deadlines. But now that many of the show’s former stars are starting to pop up as series regulars again, I feel like I’m finally back home in Stars Hollow.

In honor of Gilmore Girls’ tenth anniversary—the show premiered October 5, 2000—let’s see where some of the actors are now...

Lauren Graham has gone from playing quirky single mom Lorelai Gilmore to... playing quirky single mom Sarah Braverman on Parenthood. (The characters are different, I swear!)

Scott Patterson was once curmudgeonly diner owner Luke Danes, but now he's overprotective father Michael Buchanan on The Event.

Jared Padalecki was Rory's first love, Dean Forester, but he's been he's been kicking demon ass as Sam Winchester on Supernatural for over five years now.

Milo Ventimiglia played Rory's bad-boy boyfriend Jess Mariano, then he grew out his five o'clock shadow to play Peter Petrelli on Heroes (which got canceled last year). So we don't actually know where he is now, but maybe we'll see him again soon?

Matt Czuchry was once Rory's super-rich boyfriend Logan Huntzberger... and now he's super-arrogant lawyer Cary Agos on The Good Wife.

Melissa McCarthy was Lorelai's best friend and business partner Sookie St. James, and now she's lookin'-for-love schoolteacher Molly Flynn on Mike & Molly.

Todd Lowe started off as Lane Kim's bandmate-turned-husband Zach Van Gerbig... and now he's PTSD-inflicted short-order cook Terry Bellefleur on True Blood.

Danny Strong used to be Paris' vertically challenged boyfriend and Rory's former editor Doyle McMaster, and now he's up-and-coming ad man Danny Siegel on Mad Men.

If only Alexis Bledel, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil, Sean Gunn, David Sutcliffe, John Cabrera, and Keiko Agena could get regular paying gigs, too...

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