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Gilmore might get eighth season

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If Gilmore Girls continues for another season after this, it might be called Gilmore Girl.

Over the summer, Gilmore actresses Lauren Grahan and Alexis Bledel made it clear at the TCA that they were thinking of leaving the CW drama. New show runner David Rosenthal may have turned the situation around, at least in the case of Graham.

Graham now is considering returning if the show is picked up for another season, according to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello. Costar Bledel is still on the fence, and her reluctance has prompted the CW and Gilmore producer Warner Bros. TV to created a backup plan.

If Bledel doesn't return, the eighth season would revolve around Graham's character Lorelai and longtime on-again-off-again beau Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) as they raise their new child, and Bledel would make guest appearances. If the season-seven finale turns out to be the series finale, Rosenthal may end it all with the couple married and expecting.

Gilmore has held steady in the ratings on the fledgling CW net's first season, averaging a 1.7 rating with 3.4 million weekly viewers.

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