Girls Is Renewed for Season 3, Says the Girl Who Makes Girls

Ahhh to be young and have your own TV show and be hated by half the country. Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO's breakout subject-of-much-loud-debating Girls, is already playing the showbiz game like a cocky veteran.

While chatting (possibly while peeing) with Alec Baldwin on his podcast, Dunham announced there will be a third season of Girls before HBO got to announce there will be a third season of Girls, according to Deadline Hollywood. HBO has not confirmed the renewal, so the network either still has some punctuation to put in some contracts or it's elaborately Punk'ing Dunham.

The news is hardly surprising, though, and not just because producer Judd Apatow said the same thing as Dunham back in November. The show about post-college struggles for white girls in New York just won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy and Dunham took the prize for Best Actress. The program has decent ratings (Season 2 actually debuted lower than Season 1, a typically opposite trend for HBO), but people can't stop talking about it so it's good for HBO's brand. And it's just so darned hip!

Girls is currently in its second season and airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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