Glee Cleans Up at the TCA Awards

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... Tweens who've outgrown High School Musical aren't the only fans of Fox's Glee. Turns out actual mature television critics like the show too. Glee won Program of the Year, Outstanding New Program, and Individual Achievement in Comedy (Jane Lynch) at the TCAs this weekend. Also winning were Modern Family for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy, Lost and Breaking Bad (tie) for Outstanding Achievement in Drama, and The Good Wife's Julianna Margulies for Individual Achievement in Drama. I held my own awards show this weekend at my stuffed animal tea party, and Mr. Wiggles won everything! To be fair, he had a really great year. [Post-Gazette]

... I'm going to do it. I'm going to use the phrases "Justin Bieber" and "huge penis" in the same sentence. Are you ready? Ready? Here goes: Justin Bieber has a huge penis. No wait, that's not what I meant. Justin Bieber helped MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger, a show about a high-schooler with a huge penis, get renewed. How? By tweeting. We're dangerously close to living in a JustinBieberocracy. [TV Guide]

... The flamboyantly gay and oft-mentioned-but-never-shown Pepper from ABC's Modern Family finally has a face: Nathan Lane. Lane will guest star on the next season of ModFam as Cam and Mitchell's friend. But don't expect many more big names on the show. Producer Steve Levitan says the series is toning down its stunt casting, which is a relief after last year's guest-of-the-week episodes ran the show into the ground. [TV Guide]

... The new cast of Dancing With the Stars will be announced on August 30 during an episode of the new reality series Bachelor Pad. But one may have already leaked: Inside sources told the Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes, who secretly told me and thousands of her friends through an article on the internet, that former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner is participating this season. Wow! That's star power! [Washington Post]

... Balthazar Getty is leaving Brothers & Sisters next season for creative reasons. But not his creative reasons, the producers' creative reasons. Getty joins Rob Lowe and Emily VanCamp as brothers and sisters who are leaving Brothers & Sisters. Thankfully there are plenty of both brothers and sisters remaining on Brothers & Sisters to keep it going, brother. Sister. [EW]

... The next great show or next great total waste of time is Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova, a sci-fi drama about a family that is transported back to the age of dinosaurs. Fox is pushing the show to a fall 2011 premiere, with a sneak peek of the pilot in May. The network had originally hoped to get the show on the air this midseason, which seemed like wishful thinking. I mean, they haven't even cast the dinosaurs yet! [Orlando Sentinel]

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