Glee Goes For Three

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... Television will stay dancey and singy for another season, as Fox has gone ahead and announced a very early Season 3 pickup for Glee. Yes, Glee hasn't even started its second season, but it's such a big to-do that Fox is ready to commit. [Fox via press release]

... Our TV landscape will be polluted with yet another dance competition show, as CBS gets into the game with Got to Dance (what a title!). The show, which was previously picked up in March, will have some instant firepower with judge Paula Abdul. Hopefully they'll change the name of the program to Got to Get Drunk on Live TV and Make an Ass of Myself!. [THR]

... Bret Michaels has won Celebrity Apprentice. Normally I would make some joke about him being a scumbag who likes to surround himself with trash and venereal diseases, but the guy almost died and is doing the show for his diabetes charity. So good on you, Bret. [PB Pulse]

... I watched the Lost finale, but not everyone did. Only 13 million people tuned into television's most-hyped event since color TV, not exactly the eye-popping numbers we were expecting. [TV By the Numbers]

... Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, who left the CW drama a few seasons ago, have signed on to work on a remake of Charlie's Angels for ABC. Yeah, that should go well. [Deadline Hollywood]

... I'm not a bad guy, but man do I want the MacGruber movie to bomb at the box office. Oh look! It did! [Businessweek]

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