Glee, Lost, and Melrose Place

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8 p.m., FOX

American Idol

Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert serves as a mentor for the contestants.

9 p.m., CBS


Hurley (Jorge Garcia) wonders what he should do next, and the Locke monster (Terry O'Quinn) is curious about the latest arrival to his camp. Oh, the intrigue!

9:28 p.m., FOX


Yep, you read that correctly. Glee is back&3151;at a really weird time! In the spring premiere, Rachel (Lea Michele) gets involved with Vocal Adrenaline's star singer, Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff)—so Mr. Shu (Matthew Morrison) visits their advisor (Idina Menzel) to see if St. James is spying.

Season 1 finale, 9 p.m., CW

Melrose Place

In the Season 1 finale, Amanda (Heather Locklear) fires Ella (Katie Cassidy)—and Ella fires back. Plus, David (Shaun Sipos) and Lauren (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen) get back together with no help from Morgan (Melissa Ordway).

10 p.m., FX


Raylan's (Timothy Olyphant) father (Raymond J. Barry) is arrested, so Raylan has to bail him out of jail. How's that for being a good son?

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