Glee "Makeover" Review: Storms on the Horizon

Glee S04E03: “Makeover”

We get it, Glee. First it was “The New Rachel” and then it was “Britney 2.0” and now the title is “Makeover” as though your audience needs to be reminded each and every week that we aren’t in Kansas, er, OHIO, anymore. Except that we are, sometimes, when we aren’t in New York trying desperately to be sexy and getting borderline dream jobs with the sort of ease typically reserved for I-don’t-even-know. I think Kurt had an easier time landing his position at Vogue, as well as new BFF Sarah Jessica Parker, than I did earning my fry girl wings at McDonald’s when I was sixteen. I’ll blame it on the apparently nervous breakdown her character seemed to be on the verge of before Kurt swept in to save the day with his brilliance.

While Kurt seemed to find his place in New York and heal some of the damage to his confidence inflicted by his NYADA rejection, boyfriend Blaine struggled back in Lima. Blaine missed Kurt and filled the empty space with every possible extra-curricular activity that he could think of. That included, much to Brittany’s horror, student government. She was under the impression that students don’t have to be re-elected every year. At least we’ve previously established that Brittany is a dumbass, so her misunderstanding was excusable.

Brittany teamed up with Artie because she believed that the fact that he’s a robot would give her an edge over Blaine. I loved Artie’s defeated corrections, “No, still not a robot,” every time she brought it up.

Brittany also orchestrated a union between Blaine and Sam, thinking that Sam, essentially being the male Brittany at McKinley High, would drag her opposition down. But, wonder of all wonders, Blaine and Sam actually made a pretty decent team. During the big debate, Sam’s striptease overshadowed Artie’s long-winded rant and Blaine’s victory was cemented when Brittany declared her intention to eliminate weekends and summer vacation. Artie was definitely onto something when he declared that her brain “exists in this magical other dimension where anything is possible.”

But despite all of this epic winning going down in both Lima and New York, there’s some angst on the horizon. Finally. Kurt loves his new job at Vogue, as he should, because it seems like a sweet gig, being SJP’s BFF and not even getting a warning when he and Rachel got caught breaking into Vogue’s offices to make a music video. Like Brittany’s pining for Santana and Rachel’s initial longing for Finn, Blaine struggled to make the best of life without seeing his boyfriend all day every day. It was hard, but he seemed to be coping well. Unfortunately, Kurt seems to have gotten caught up in the fun aspects of living the dream in Manhattan at the expense of what little time he could spend on Skype dates with Blaine before. To be fair, Kurt certainly couldn’t have known why Blaine was calling him when he ignored his phone, and in the long run, winning student body president pales in comparison to successfully landing a glamorous fashion job in what basically amounts to Glee’s center of the universe.

Blaine and Kurt have reached one of the hardest parts of maintaining high school relationships after graduation, particularly when only one half of the partnership has actually graduated. It’s easy to dismiss high school victories as unimportant or childish when you’re working hard to stay afloat in the real world, even if only a few months earlier, that same win would have meant the world to you.

Blaine’s hurt at the end of “Makeover” wasn’t due solely to being ignored by someone he cares very deeply about during a great personal victory. It was the result of many incidents that, to Blaine, simply confirmed that Kurt had grown apart from him. Blaine gave up a lot to be with Kurt; it’s understandable that he’s disappointed by Kurt’s seeming ambivalence toward him and his little Midwest high school world.

Blaine and Kurt were not the only romance to take a beating this week. New and improved almost-sexy Rachel made a play for Brody after weeks of radio silence from Finn. She burned dinner and ended up ordering pizza, but Brody was touched that she had at least TRIED. Their date was actually going rather well until Finn showed up. Ugh. He doesn’t call. He doesn’t write. And I’m sure we’ll spend next week watching him make Rachel feel like the worst girlfriend ever. I don’t do this very often, but I’m on Team Rachel here. What about you?


– Schue applied for a position on the Blue Ribbon panel to improve arts education in schools because all of his class pets graduated and he doesn’t feel all special and beloved anymore. He also cited his lack of ideas for New Directions’ performances going into the new competition season. It was heavily implied that he got the position, so I guess New Directions will just have to fend for themselves because, you know, the best teachers ALWAYS ditch their students in search of self-glory and instant gratification. That’s how that works, right?

– Everybody kept ripping on Brittany for the dinosaur prom as though it was the worst thing to ever happen to anyone at McKinley High School EVER. I don’t think they understand what awesome is when they see it.

– Blaine ditched his signature bowtie at Sam’s urging. On one hand, it was a nice moment for him, on the other, Blaine is synonymous with bowtie and I don’t know if I can approve of his decision. Thoughts?

– During Week 1 of Rachel’s Search for the Sexy, I was on board. College is all about reinventing yourself and finding yourself and who doesn’t want to feel sexy? During Week 2 I decided that Rachel’s problem was that she simply tried to hard and couldn’t help but fail miserably. Now in Week 3, I stand by that belief, and I can’t stop laughing. It’s like watching a little girl play dress-up, but more weird than cute.

– My Glee playlist for this week: Brittany and Sam’s “Celebrity Skin” performance was energetic and fun. Also, color guard! What was your favorite song this week?

– The promo for next week's episode looks brutal. Was that “The Scientist” in the background? (Yes. Yes it was.) However, I don’t think I care enough about Marley and Puck Jr. to weep over their relationship woes on the same level as Rachel/Finn, Blaine/Kurt, and Schue/Emma. I’m hoping that was just wonky editing.

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