Glee: Panic at the Disco

Glee S03E16: “Saturday Night Glee-ver”

For the record, if last night had been an acceptable night to break out the Glee drinking game, that “take a drink every time someone talks about their dreams” rule would have had The Boyfriend and I on the floor before the halfway point of this episode.

Graduation is upon the members of New Directions and while some of them have big exciting plans for life after high school, quite a few of them don’t. So like a good overly involved extracurricular activity overlord, Schue decided to enlighten his stragglers with the power of Saturday Night Fever. Yes. John Travolta in bell bottoms. Who knew disco was so inspiring?

Finn agonized over whether he should go to New York with Rachel or to LA with Puck. I’m not entirely sure where we ended up on that front. Apparently Rachel decided to not be a selfish brat and Finn decided to go to New York and be an actor because it would make her happy anyway.

Santana decided that her dream was to be famous. Or infamous. Whichever one got her on TV, really. Ladyfriend Brittany decided to “help” her girlfriend meet that dream by uploading their sex tape to the internet and buying her a heaping helping of bull testicles because “If you want to be famous, you have to eat crazy food.”

Brittany’s logic was sound and twisted and it was no surprise to me that Sue was pulling some of the strings behind that particular wacky plan. In the end, Santana decided to shelve her plans of world domination (for the time being) and attend college on a full cheerleading scholarship. Do those actually exist?

And finally, Mercedes vocalized her dream to be the next big music star, only to back down on her aspirations when the technical details of achieving that dream eluded her. While her audience sat around the dance floor with their sad little horrified faces as she donned the pragmatism pants, I realized that Mercedes might be the only Gleek with critical thinking skills and for that, I applaud her.

Buzzkill high-five, girlfriend!

But because this is Glee and it would be awful if one of the members of New Directions had to, you know, be realistic about life after high school, Sam shot a cell phone video of Mercedes’ performance and uploaded it to YouTube, where she promptly received a buttload of pageviews and reveled in minor internet fame. Sweet, sweet minor internet fame.

So it's looking like Finn is the only boat still navigating the big, dreamless ocean of Oh-God-Do-I-Actually-Have-to-Graduate? Sure, he picked New York at the end of “Glee-ver” but I’m not convinced that his heart was in it. Sucks for him. Sucks for the rest of us too, actually, because if I have to sit through another hour of watching the Gleeks find their dreams, I might have to don a highly flammable authentic polyester reproduction of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever suit and light a match.


1. I actually really dug the disco soundtrack for this episode, especially Mercedes’ performance. What was your favorite? Or is disco dead?

2. Do you think Finn will follow through with New York?

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