Glee Redeems Itself for Valentine's Day

Like fellow writer Seth Abramovitch, I was pretty disappointed in Glee's post-Super Bowl... whatever-that-was. “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle” is not the Glee that 26.8 million potentially new fans should have been exposed to. (It isn’t the Glee that regular fans should have seen, either). But last night's episode left me relieved.

Glee redeemed itself with “Silly Love Songs.” There were no cannons or tattoo misspellings or random hockey teams anywhere. It was good, campy, heart-shaped fun—not Season 1-level fun, but enjoyable nonetheless. And the best part: Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) was not involved in the plot at all.

He’s shown several different sides of himself over the last two seasons, and all but two of those sides—the talented one and the shirtless one—are completely unbearable.

We’ve all been witness to the curious trajectory of Mr. Schue. When he was married to Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), he was a wuss. When he was hanging around April (Kristin Chenoweth), he was naive. When he was wooing Emma (Jayma Mays), he was cocky. And he's always been somewhat of a manwhore. Thankfully, the writers left him out of the Valentine’s Day episode. The kids' stories are much more interesting, anyway.

For instance: Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine’s (Darren Criss) relationship is being handled beautifully. At first I was on Team “Just Make Out Already,” but now I like that the boys are being careful not to screw up their friendship. Blaine’s weird Gap crush was just a tiny bump in the road. And I'm glad that Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) aren’t together anymore, and that they’re fine with it. They whine too much and sing too many piano-encircling duets when they’re dating, anyway. But my favourite moment of the episode wasn't relationship-related at all: Artie’s (Kevin McHale) rendition of “PYT” was spot-on (as were Mike's accompanying dance moves).

I do have a few complaints, though. One: Why, oh why, are Finn and Quinn (Dianna Agron) getting back together? The two actors have great chemistry, but the F/Q pairing is so last season. Glee seems to be planning a pissing contest between Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Finn just for the hell of it. Two: Puck (Mark Salling) and Lauren (Ashley Fink). With the exception of Puck's offensive but awesome cover of "Fat-Bottomed Girls," I just don't buy this storyline. It kind of reminds me of the time he seduced Mercedes (Amber Riley)... and Rachel, and every other girl at McKinley High. I know we’re supposed to sigh and swoon when he “falls in love,” but if he cries wolf too many times before the real thing happens, any future heartfelt moments will lose all of its effect. And finally, three: What was up with Tina’s (Jenna Ushkowitz) crying? I don't get it.

What did you think of “Silly Love Songs”?

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"And the best part: Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) was not involved in the plot at all." I could not AGREE more.
I actually enjoyed the Super Bowl ep and I've always been a Glee fan (not to be confused with a Gleek though) so :P
But yes this episode was better. Its a shame the rating doesnt reflect this
It comes as no surprise to me that I am in complete disagreement with this article. - get more writers. Sorry Stefanie Lee

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