Glee's Post-Super Bowl Episode is a Thriller

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... The sound you'll hear on February 6, 2011 after the clock runs out on Super Bowl XLV will be the simultaneous clicking of remotes away from Fox, as drunken, burly men hold on to their masculinity and flee the post-game episode of dancing-and-prancing Glee. But wives and non-sports fans banished to the backroom during America's Unofficial Holiday will be giddy as the Fox hit puts on its most expensive episode to date. Details have finally surfaced, and the whispers say the episode will embrace the the spirit of the day and be sports themed. The big news is that the cast will perform a mash-up of "Thriller," as well as covers of songs by the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum (who?), and Katy Perry. Sounds like a sports fan's dream! [EW]

... According to Kathy Griffin, her Emmy-winning reality show My Life on the D-List may be a goner. "I don't think it will come back, especially not as the same show it was," Griffin said. [EW]

... While most people seemed to appreciate Gwyneth Paltrow's appearance on Glee, Dina Lohan did not. The Mother of the Year (2000-2010) said the show defamed her daughter Lindsay, and that what Lohan the Younger is going through (rehab and such) is no laughing matter. I disagree. When it's Lindsay Lohan, it's pretty frickin' hysterical. [Gossip Cop!]

... It's 2010, right? Okay, just checking. Because according to this article, Two and a Half Men will be on in syndication until 2021 for future generations to "enjoy." Let's hope the Mayans were right. [Broadcasting & Cable]

... Want to know who is hosting Saturday Night Live over the next month? December 4: Robert De Niro, Diddy-Dirty Money (who?). December 11: Paul Rudd, Paul McCartney. December 18: Jeff Bridges, Eminem. [Orlando Sentinel]

... Change—besides million of people no longer watching the show—is coming to American Idol next season. This news comes from producer Nigel Lythgoe, he of the British-est name known to man. Among the new challenges contestants will face are making a music video, learning how to promote themselves, and working with a band and dancers for an awards-show-style performance. The contest will also go straight to the Top 12 instead of bothering with a Top 24. [TV Guide]

... Casting news! Glee's Harry Shum Jr. will be promoted to series regular next season; Angela Basset has joined the upcoming ABC drama with the worst name in the world, One Police Plaza; Alex Trebeck will cameo on How I Met Your Mother; and my girlfriend Lindsay Price will stop by CSI: NY. [E! Online, Deadline Hollywood, TV Guide, EW]

... Donald Trump is thinking about running for president. "It could be fun," he said. Again, let's hope the Mayans were right. Bring it on, Earth-shattering meteor. Our time has come. [ABC News]

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