Glenn Beck, Fox News Parting Ways

... Glenn Beck's modestly titled Fox News show, Glenn Beck, is coming to an end, meaning someone finally threw The Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. Beck and his minions have clashed with Fox News brass for some time now, so Beck has decided to end his controversial program later this year. With his extra time, Beck plans to sacrifice live puppies and skin orphans for the cool new jacket he's making. [NY Times]

... Today must have done something bad, because none of its hosts want to stick around. Yesterday, the hot news was that Meredith Vieira is getting ready to depart the show, and today, rumors say Matt Lauer will be leaving the program when his contract expires at the end of next year. [ET Online]

... The big Lady Gaga episode of Glee (yes, the show has already done a Gaga episode, but now it's doing another, and this one will include "Born This Way") will air April 26 will be extra long, running an excruciating 90 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes. In the episode, Mr. Schuester "teaches the glee club a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and embracing what makes you unique through the music of Lady Gaga." Playing the role of Lady Gaga will be Marilyn Manson. I made that last part up, but come on, he could pull it off. [Fox, via press release]

... Modern Family's Sofia Vergara is taking her talents to the cinema, as she's in discussions to star in the art-house film Les Tres Stoojais, also known as The Three Stooges, from the Farrelly brothers. Her addition gives the script writers plenty of flexibility for breast jokes. [Variety]

... Italy, you are safe for now. Production on Season 4 of Jersey Shore, which will see America's lovable rascals wreaking havoc in the boot-shaped country, has been delayed. In addition to contract disputes slowing things down, Italian nightclubs and restaurants are putting up resistance to MTV cameras filming on-location. Oh come on, it's not like Italy has classy joints like Karma! [Radar Online]

... Ryan Seacrest has been named the most powerful man in reality television by The Hollywood Reporter. Seacrest won the annual reality-host arm wrestling championship and bench pressed more than Heidi Klum to win the title. [THR]

... Adam Corolla didn't get to host Top Gear, so he made his own car show. Speed Channel has picked up The Car Show (clever!), which will feature grown men goofing around in cars, talking about cars, and wishing they had more cars. [Autoblog]

... Syfy has renewed prank show Scare Tactics for a fifth season. No, this is not a prank. [Deadline Hollywood]

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