Globes, Oscars stricken


This year's Golden Globes and Oscars could lack the luster usually attributed to the two awards shows, as the writers strike has forced some changes to the annual events.

On Monday, the Writers Guild of America denied standard requests from the producers of both shows, a move that could greatly affect how both are run, according to Bloomberg. Dick Clark Productions, which runs the Golden Globes, won't have the assistance of WGA writers to pen its presentations, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which handles the Academy Awards, does not have permission to use clips from old films, something normally used in the event's tributes.

More damaging to the shows was actually how the WGA will participate in the Golden Globes--they'll attend, but mostly on the sidewalk holding signs. The WGA told Variety that it plans to picket the Golden Globes, which could deter some stars from participating. The Screen Actors Guild has been very supportive of the WGA since the onset of the strike, and many stars feel that attending the awards show is crossing the picket line, both literally and figuratively.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the side on the other end of the strike, continued its attack on the union in the wake of the WGA's decisions.

"In the category of Worst Supporting Union, the nominee is the WGA," says a post on the organization's Web site. The post also accuses the WGA of hurting its own members, the city of Los Angeles, and "the creative artists who deserve to be honored for their work over the last year."

Without writers, the awards shows could be even more awkward than normal, with actors having no teleprompter jokes they typically stumble through. Producers of the show are also weary of vocal actors speaking out against the AMPTP and the studios when they're at the podium.

The Golden Globe Awards show takes place January 13. Whoever is in charge of censoring the telecast better be ready.

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