Go Behind the Scenes at a Modern Family Table Read

I so want to go to there.

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Conan O'Brien took a hint from the Old Spice commercial guy and decided to answer some of your questions.

Grandchildren everywhere are petitioning to save Betty White from overexposure. Join the movement!

Here is Ali Fedotowsky's debut as on-air "talent" on Fox 5 News in San Diego. Feel free to judge.

The Futon Critic's Jim Halterman talked to Bones' Emily Deschanel about giving Booth's new love interest a chance! If you insist, Emily.

Diablo Cody's latest guest in the Red Band Trailer? Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler!


... Lady Gaga talked to Ellen DeGeneres, a proud vegan, about the controversial meat dress she wore to the VMAs. Ellen promptly gave her a veggie bikini.

... Here's an interview with the real star of Mad Men: Randee Heller, a.k.a. Don's new secretary, Miss Blankenship.

... Between this hilarious slideshow and this awesome hookup chart, New York Magazine is totally killing it with the Gossip Girl coverage.

... Yes, Oprah really did fly her audience to Australia. Here is the inevitable clip of them freaking out.

... Speaking of Oprah's audience freaking out, someone (very smart) created this Tumblr to capture and share screen shots of all of those delighted, disillusioned faces.

... Speaking of Oprah-related memes, you can now Oprah-fy yourself.

... This woman married a real life Mad Man!

... This is what the cast of Jersey Shore would look like if they were cats.

... Bill Maher doesn't think he'll ever win an Emmy. Hopefully that doesn't make him any less funny.

... Master movie critic A.O. Scott poses a very interesting question: Is TV just better right now?

... I am having a hard time believing that The Jerry Springer Show is in its 20th season.

... This poorly-headlined article compiles all of the interesting stuff that Lauren Graham has said in her last few interviews.

... The UK's incredibly ambitious Lost marathon is underway.

... These TV couples need to do the deed, stat.

... Want to know how not to win Big Brother? Just watch and learn from this season's houseguests.

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Sep 15, 2010
Long live Betty White!
Sep 15, 2010
Wow 20 seasons.
Sep 14, 2010