GO! is only just warming up

In the four weeks or so that GO! has been on the air it's had two weeks of official ratings. But that's been enough to see that the channel is already forging a small, if loyal, audience.

It is already the biggest of the digital channels, beating ABC2, ONE HD and SBS TWO. Some are suggesting it may be driving some viewers away from TEN.

The share from GO! is also added to Nine's separate share, giving the network an overall boost against Seven, which lacks a digital channel so far. That makes it particularly valuable.

The most popular shows on GO! have been those on Sunday night: Wipeout and The Big Bang Theory.

Last week's episode of The Big Bang Theory at 224,000 viewers was already higher than anything on Pay Television (Collingwood v Western Bulldogs 161,000).

Other weekend titles including Seinfeld, The Nanny, The Flinstones and The Jetsons are popular with families home on the weekend.

On October 4th GO! will have its full launch, so far it is in something of a test mode. That means we'll get The Vampire Diaries, more replaying of shows in late night slots, a full ARIA chart music show (and not just that one hour loop), with the promise of more shows like Weeds, The Wire and Curb Your Enthusiasm to come.

GO! is also adding movies to Friday nights, and plans to utilise the channel for big events, such as red carpet showings before the ARIA Awards.

The channel is also looking for personalities to become the "faces of GO!" Then there are plans to begin interstitials on youth-driven subjects such as fashion, bars, music, beach reports and more. Eventually there are hopes for some local content such as reality or light entertainment -- but that could be some way off.

There are other hurdles too. Nine can't replay some titles during the day during school holidays due to restrictions on MA classifications. And that applies to any school holidays anywhere around the country. Staggered school holidays are a nightmare for programmers.

Around late October GO! is also expected to be added to the Foxtel platform, possibly to cable subscribers, on Channel 129 but details are yet to be confirmed.

What's your favourite GO! show? What are you most looking forward to watching? Voice your opinion below or discuss GO! in the fourms now!

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I think GO! has been a breath of fresh air and what needed to happen for Free To Air networks to take digital channels seriously. Only One HD and ABC2 have been good in certain area but given that One is purely a sports channel and that ABC2 doesn't run much past midnight also mean GO! has an added advantage.

Having better Friday night programming on GO! like is said above needs to happen sooner rather than later because Friday and Saturday nights are the only times that GO! hasn't had good prime time (i.e. evening time slot) shows.
Obviously that should be 6:30 and 7:30 - Sorry the num lock wasn't on.
I love GO! and I personally am looking forward to the vampire diaries but what makes me mad about this channel is they keep advertising WIPEOUT as a double episode every Sunday at 6:(At least that's how it has been advertised for the last few weeks)But week after week at 7: when the second episode should be starting they play The Big Bang Theory, I'd prefer a double WIPEOUT but if they aren't going to do it the least they could do is stop advertising it!
If I were them, I wouldn't be using The Vampire Diaries as a drawcard, but the rest sounds good. The part I'm most excited about is their putting GO on the Foxtel guide. That's how I usually find what I want to watch and so far GO has been out of sight, out of mind.
Channel Ten needs to take note. THIS is what viewers want from a free digital channel. NOT 24 hour sports coverage! Seven needs to follow suit with this. GO! is the best idea anyone in Australian television has had in a long time. It's pretty much the only channel I bother watching now (and that's one more channel then I used to watch before) Not only that, but Nine hasn't had GO! take over for its Nine HD channel. So Nine essentially has 3 channels now. Whereas not only did Ten screw the pooch by making ONE non-stop sports (boring as all hell, I've never even bothered putting it on) but it also got rid of his Ten HD channel! This. Makes. No. Sense. Seriously, we can no longer watch ANY of the standard Ten shows in high definition - all we can watch in HD is endless amounts of crappy, crappy sport. What good is that? Is there seriously that much of a demand for high definition lawn bowls?

Pfft. Nine, well done. This is what television viewers want, and the ratings will show that. It's one step in the right direction to watching Australian TV watchable again. Channel Ten, seriously, take note of this, and try and follow suit. Get rid of all the sports, for starters.

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