Good signs for Bionic, Life, more

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Of all the new shows this fall, only Gossip Girl can breathe a true sigh of relief. Earlier this week, the CW teen drama was the first to be given an order for a full season, which extended its run by nine episodes and caused massive celebrations at slumber parties all over the country.

Today there were signs that a few other shows may follow suit, according to Variety. Networks asked several writing teams from a handful of shows to deliver more scripts, which is generally a positive sign that the programs will be asked to stick around.

NBC was busiest, requesting three more episode scripts for Bionic Woman, Life, Journeyman, and Chuck. Elsewhere, CBS asked for four more Cane scripts, and CW asked for three more Aliens in America scripts.

However, just because more scripts are en route, it doesn't automatically mean more episodes will follow. A looming writers' strike in Hollywood has producers scrambling for scribes now so that limited damage will be done to the production of shows and films if the writers picket.

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