Goodbye, Dana Elcar

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Dana Elcar, famous for his MacGyver role of Pete Thornton, has died. The 77-year-old actor succumbed to complications from pneumonia in a Ventura, CA, hospital on Monday, June 6.

Elcar ran away from home at age 13, and spent a night repeatedly watching Citizen Kane in an all-night movie theater. His son, Dane Elcar, suggests that this experience was the inspiration for Elcar's 50-year career in television, film, and stage acting.

When glaucoma began to affect Elcar's vision during the fouth season of MacGyver, the show's producers decided to write his condition into the show instead of writing his character out. By the series' end, Elcar had lost nearly all of his eyesight. He continued to act despite his blindness, and he played blind men in guest appearances on Law & Order and ER.