Gossip Girl Ex[tras]pose: The 5 Best Extras from the Big Wedding Episode

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A million things happened during Gossip Girl's Royal Wedding episode this week, mostly in the last 45 seconds before the credits (Dan drove an old-timey car! Prince Louis finally settled into the villainy implied by his vague accent! Harriet the Spy is Gossip Girl!). But you know who nearly stole the show? The extras. In background of the scenes, at the forefront of my thoughts, Gossip Girl’s extras will forever distract me from the drama at hand. Never has a group of people hired for their ability to come across as normal humans failed so utterly at coming across as normal humans. Here are the ones who took my eyes off the bride:

5. The skeptical guest who found a flaw in the wedding program:

4. The chapeau'd grand dame, prematurely aghast:

3. The royal reception's punk rock violinist:

2. The zombie altar boys:

1. This woman, who stood still as a statue for a full twelve seconds before she began walking toward the camera:


– Do you also find yourself obsessing over Gossip Girl's extras? Which one from the wedding episode was your favorite?

– What was up with the wedding hair? The church guests were all card-carrying members of the Whimsical Tiny Hat Brigade, but Blair went for casual beach waves at a formal royal event. Did anybody get it right?

– 100 episodes in, Dan Humphrey’s little sister is the only girl he hasn’t hooked up with on the show—including his own step-sister! How did that happen? What do they see in this mop-topped mope that I don’t?

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