Gossip Girl gets supersized

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Like good parents looking over their brood, networks probably shouldn't be playing favorites--but it's obvious that the CW has a favorite child.

The network has been nothing but gung ho with its favorite new show, Gossip Girl. The teen drama has received the lion's share of publicity from the CW (including a controversial ad campaign), was the first of its new shows to receive a full-season pickup (we're still waiting on word for Reaper and Aliens in America), and has executives buzzing about its potential.

It's no surprise then that the CW wants to put as much Gossip Girl on the air as it can, and it's doing just that. When the CW announces its upcoming schedule next week in the Big Apple, it will also reveal that Gossip Girl's second season will run 24 episodes, according to E! Online.

It may not be much of an extension--most full seasons are 22 episodes--but it is more, and that's what counts to the show's hardcore fans. The extra episodes are said to be making up for the few that were lost this season because of the writers strike.

In other season-two news, The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Michelle Trachtenberg (who plays current recurring character Georgina Sparks) will sign on as a regular next season, and that the second season will kick off in the Hamptons.

More episodes and more Georgina... Are you all getting enough Gossip Girl?

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