Gossip Girl graduating, spinning off?

Cutbacks are obvious all over the place in television, but don't be worried about seeing less of The CW's Gossip Girl. In fact, if everything goes right, expect to see more of the show that has made many fathers across the country lock up their hormonally charged daughters.

Moles inside the network told Variety that The CW is working on a plan to make a new Gossip Girl show, and why not? The CW is targeting the young female demographic, and young ladies and old ladies who think they're young ladies flock to Gossip Girl constantly.

The report says The CW would plant a seed for the new show in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl--sort of a makeshift pilot for the potential spin-off. If the viewer response is positive, fast-track the show, baby!

As for who the show would focus on, that's still up in the air. But unlike in the books Gossip Girl is based on, it won't be Jenny Humphrey (played by Taylor Momsen). (Jenny Humphrey went on to star in the It Girl books.) If it happens, the current idea is to branch out one of the existing main characters other than Jenny.

The original Gossip Girl mothership will continue on, of course, and the show will see new environs. Gossip-gushers New York Magazine confirmed with Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage that next season the cast will move on to college.

"One of the problems with 90210, for example, was that their stage was high school," Savage told the magazine. "We feel like ours is New York." City of course, I don't think we'll see Serena prance on over to Poughkeepsie anytime soon.

Let's see which characters schedule 9 a.m. classes. What do you think of Gossip Girl expanding and matriculating? And who do you want to see as the focal point of a new Gossip Girl show?

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