Grace: From Lost to lesbian

Maggie Grace, who played Shannon Rutherford on season one of ABC's Lost, will play the lesbian daughter of Jimmy Smits and Amy Brenneman in the big-screen adaptation of the Karen Joy Fowler novel The Jane Austen Book Club. Grace was last seen in the remake of John Carpenter's 1980 horror film, The Fog.

In Austen, Smits and Brenneman will play an unhappy couple who split up after 32 years of marriage. The book club of the title refers to a group of women and one man who get together to discuss Jane Austen books and end up sharing the trial and tribulations of their lives.

Smits and Brenneman are also TV mainstays. Smits played a presidential hopeful in the final season of NBC's political drama The West Wing. Brenneman played the title character in Judging Amy.

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