Graceland "Guadalajara Dog" Review: Smokey and the Bandits

Graceland S01E02: "Guadalajara Dog"

Graceland's really gonna have to stop with all the food truck porn and yummy descriptions of heart attacks masquerading as sustenance if I'm going to watch it without eyeing up the fridge every ten seconds. You had me at guacamole, show.

Mike almost blew the housemates' cover at the official taco truck of undercover FBI agents when he tried to chase down a dude who stole a bag of Doritos. Bad, Mike. Bad. After managing to cobble together a credible undercover persona in last week's series premiere, it seems that Mike is experiencing some difficulty remembering that his undercover self needs to act like his real self—and not a government operative—whenever he's out and about. Conversely, Briggs never seems to turn off his cover, which makes for some interesting thinky thoughts considering that whole being-under-investigation thing. 

Speaking of that being-under-investigation thing, Mike was summoned to meet with a psychologist to discuss the shooting action from last week, but his psychologist turned out to be his boss for the Briggs investigation. They tried to conceal their meetings by claiming that Mike had been ordered to attended weekly sessions, but Briggs could smell the bullshit and it was amazing. This week's mini-cliffie, with Briggs taking Mike out to a nice remote area for a little friendly interrogation, wasn't terribly clever, BUT I like that we're jumping right into their conflict, rather than dragging it out across an entire season of Mike just barely fooling Briggs and Briggs giving Mike weird, knowing looks whenever his back is turned. 

That said, I'm not entirely convinced that the truth will come out super soon, because then what are we supposed to do for the remaining ten episodes? The Briggs-is-probably-innocent alarms are going off big time, though. Mike's FBI contact, Juan, only offered vague reasons for the investigation and really pushed the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" mentality that seems to be a staple of dirty law enforcement on TV as of late. 

My current theory is that Briggs got attached to someone he shouldn't have—either another agent who's no longer at the house or maybe someone he was supposed to be investigating—and when the FBI got wind of it, they no likey. Idk. This was only Episode 2. There were some serious hints being thrown around, though. Donnie is definitely not returning to the house and Lauren was all emo girl about it. Briggs encouraged her to let him go and focus on her job. He hinted at being in a similar situation and called himself a "cautionary tale." Then there was all the "I owe you" blah blah toward Paige—who we finally got to meet. Hello, Serinda Swan! Hello!

Paige Arkin is DEA, she was too deep undercover last week to make the housewarming party for Mike, and if that whole starstruck-googly-eyes scene when Mike first saw her is to be taken seriously, then I guess they're eventually going to hook up. I'm ambivalent, mostly because I don't know if I actually like either of them yet. 

As part of Briggs' penance for whatever he owes Paige for, Briggs helped her get out of her undercover mission before the birth control she was slipping her gangster "boyfriend" to keep him from being able to bang her was no longer enough to keep his advances on the PG level. Though Briggs had previously nixed Mike's plan to borrow some cop-killer bullets that D.J. snagged on a bust in order to get close to one of Briggs' targets, Briggs changed his mind and for a mere two-turn deal on the chore wheel, D.J. just forked over the kryptonite ammo. After a brief moment of panic over whether or not Briggs was reallgoing to bust the bad guys or just let them drive away with a crate full of awful, the good guys won and Briggs snagged some cash off of the pile that Paige's fake-ex paid. I'm pretty sure that alone would have been enough to land someone under investigation by their FBI bosses. 

"Guadalajara Dog" provided a bit more focus after a series premiere that only gave us the broadest sense of what Graceland will ultimately be. With the introduction of Paige, our roster is full and we're ready to let them do... whatever it is they're going to do. That Briggs isn't necessarily the untrustworthy bad guy the bureau suspects him to be is a given, but the why is still as unpredictable as what will come out of Mike's mouth during any given undercover operation—seriously, he's two for two, when is that habit of going off-script going to not work out for him?

What'd you think of "Guadalajara Dog"?


– Charlie and Johnny are my favorites. <3

– "Stop staring, you're still my fake boyfriend." 

– It's twisted, but the Smokey Bears made me laugh. I'm a bad person. Oh well.  

– I would totally eat a Guadalajara dog—and then feel really bad about myself. 

– What are your Briggs theories?

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