Grant Denyer leads Aussie Iron Chefs

Seven has announced its full line-up for the Australian version of the Japanese cult classic Iron Chef.

Following the production announcement several weeks ago, Seven has declared Sunrise's Grant Denyer as Iron Chef Australia's host.

Denyer said of the career move:

"I'm not a foodie. I'm as green as a capsicum when it comes to food. Living on the road with Sunrise, my cuisine consists of two-minute noodles and Chiko Rolls. I'm going to enjoy being inspired by great food and talented chefs. It's a huge honour to be involved."

Heading up the Iron Chef Australia judging panel is journalist and recognised restaurant critic Leo Schofield, who will be joined by fellow food critics Larissa Dubecki and Simon Thomsen.

In keeping with Iron Chef's reputation, the team is sure to be scathing when casting a critical eye over the contestants' culinary creations.

Joining the team as the commentator is Richard Cornish, an award-winning food writer and regular food contributor for the Sydney Morning Herald.

And as previously announced, Australia's Iron Chefs Neil Perry, Guy Grossi and Guillaume Brahimi will be fighting tooth and nail against the amateur chefs.

Have a peek at Iron Chef America's host. Do you think Denyer can ham it up to the same extent?

Will you be watching?

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Sep 10, 2010
WOW Grant Denyer hosting a channel 7 reality show, There's an original idea...NOT. This show will probably last as long as the countless other shows he has hosted. When will 7 take the hint and dump him from hosting anything.

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