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Greek Recap: Banging and Whimpering

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ABC Family's Greek, one of my favorite shows, returned for its third season last night. As the second season ended with an End of the World party, last night's premiere fittingly gave us both a bang and a whimper. Well, actually, it was mostly people whimpering about banging. With hangovers. But in a good way!

Honest Abe, it wasn't the most spectacular episode of the show that's ever aired (that is perhaps the Cappie/Evan freshman flashback episode... sigh). But it was still great to see these characters again, saying new things and making pleasant jokes in the mysteriously warm Ohio air. Let's dispense with the most important business first: Dale had sex. Poor old purity-pledging Dale went and did the secret nasty with his landlady and now he's terribly upset about it. I'd like to say that I always knew that the writers would eventually make the young man backslide on his strict born-again sex fear, but I really never thought they'd make him stray this far. I can't tell if I think it's all being a little too mean to the character or if it's just really funny. Will Dale become a genuine, if conflicted, sex machine?

Speaking of characters being treated meanly by the writers, let's talk about Ashleigh. Poor Ashleigh. Played so ably by Amber Stevens. Given such funny lines. And yet... And yet only gets tossed B-plot chicken bones. Rarely does she get anything significant and meaty that will last. We were led to believe for a little while that her relationship with the sorority houseboy would be something, but now, as we found out last night, she's been cheated on. Yes, houseboy seems to have at least made out with the newly wicked again Rebecca, so there will be some plot where Ashleigh finds out and kicks him to the curb and she's once again single and forced to retreat into the background. I have faith that the writers will do the houseboy break-up arc well (I mean, if they break up at all), but I do feel badly that ol' second-fiddle Ashleigh never gets to win one.

Elsewhere Calvin tried to piece together what had occurred the night before at the party vis a vis "Did I sex hot gay roommate?" It turns out that no, he did not sex his roommate, but he did make out with him and make plans for future sex. Though he later broke those plans, saying he'd like to move slow and then he said "I can't believe I'm sneaking around the house with a guy again" and HGR said "Again?" and I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be a "thing." We'll see, I suppose. Calvin's freshman year buddy Rusty was too busy doing chemistry experiments and saving his scholarship to deal with matters of the heart. Well, he didn't really have anything to discuss with the girlfriend character anyway (though she did make a really awkward threesome joke), though he did manage to find some time to be mad at Cappie for supposedly hitting on Casey, thus stepping to Max, making the whole event a "douche-move." And, pffft. The whole douche-mover phrase meme thing on the show kinda needs to be tucked in, kissed on the forehead, and put to bed, because the word "douche" as a cultural thing is pretty much over. Do I believe that college students in Ohio still use it frequently? Of course. Does it mean I have to like it? No.

So obviously that brings us to Cappie and Casey, with all their incessant will-they-or-won't-theying. Clearly it was Casey who hit on Cappie in the frat closet (while R. Kelly stood next to them, furtively holding a gun, softly singing), and it was Cappie who had said no. Well, actually, it turns out that he did decide to go after Casey on the night of the party, but was accosted by a drunken and feeling-sorry-for-himself Evan, who slurringly convinced Cap that the Casey Adventures were growing boring. So Cappie didn't run to his beloved. Leaving Casey to be sad and say sad, uncomfortable things to Cappie in the lab, Rusty tinkering away on his science fair project, and certain people who watched the whole unfolding on their living room couch covered their eyes with their hands and quietly said "Noooooo." Because why can't they just do it (again) already! Well, because then the show would be over. Which is not a good thing.

All told a solid return. No one's gained a ton of weight or gotten an awkward piercing over the summer, everyone's still friends, questions still remain. All that good stuff. So glad it's back.

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