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Greg Grunberg's Top 10 TV Shows

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Rejoice, fans of Heroes, for your show has returned! But while you're enjoying the thrill of great television, remember that actors are people, too--and that they love great TV just as much as the rest of us! Here, Heroes star Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) shares his Top 10 list with

Remember, Heroes airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m.--only on NBC!

10) Holmes on Homes
It is so much fun to watch a contractor talk s**t about the poor work done by another contractor.

9) Molto Mario
Mario Batali is my hero. You have to have a great deal of self-confidence to pull off those orange clogs on national TV.

8) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
This is how I get my news. The "real" news just seems to be a depressing repeat of the night before, only more sensational. Way too depressing for me. I watch Stewart and read the Drudge Report to stay informed.

7) Lost
If it weren't for me taking the plane down, there would be no Lost. They are friends of mine and I've been hooked as have millions of others since the first episode.

6) The Girls Next Door
Because I, like Hef, live with three playmates as my "girlfriends" it's nice to compare notes. And no matter how much they blur out the nudity, you see it! Oh, you see it!

5) American Idol
Say what you will, this is truly a raw talent competition. If you can't sing, you have no business being on the show. I love that this show changes lives, overnight.

4) Extras
Ricky Gervais is bringing sexy back!

3) My Name Is Earl
White trash humor rocks! Greg Garcia keeps me laughing every week.

2) The Office
So easy to watch. Some of the best performances on TV. Love this show!

1) Heroes
I watch for the mind-reading cop. He's the best actor in the world!

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