Grey's Anatomy: 30 of Cristina Yang's Best Moments

Over the past 10 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) has been a fierce powerhouse of a doctor who broke new ground in medicine all while balancing what can only be described as a complicated personal life. With Oh leaving the series in tonight's season finale, we've gathered her best moments—ranging from joyful and irate to heartbreaking and hilarious—from throughout the years. In no particular order (because how could we choose a favorite?!), this is our love letter to Cristina Yang:  

1. Cristina and Meredith become each other's person:

2. Cristina suffers an ectopic pregnancy with Burke's baby:

3. Cristina begrudgingly bonds with the Fab Five:

4. Cristina dances it out—and gets in trouble with Burke:

5. Cristina and Owen go to the vent for the first time:

6. Cristina sings "Like a Virgin" during a procedure:

7. Cristina tells Meredith she's getting married:

8. Cristina saves Derek's life:

9. Cristina and Derek go fishing:

10. Cristina goes off on Meredith—and gets an icicle in her gut:

11. Cristina has a meltdown when Burke leaves:

12. Cristina offers Owen up to Teddy:

13. Cristina loses her eyebrows:

14. Cristina cuts Callie's hair:

15. Cristina and Meredith make up:

16. Cristina opens up about her deceased father:

17. Cristina becomes a bartender:

18. Cristina and Meredith go jogging:

19. Cristina is in shock after the plane crash:

20. Cristina discovers that Henry is her dead patient:

21. Cristina dances—again—but this time with the help of tequila:

22. Cristina and Owen get in their worst fight:

23. Cristina details what happened in the woods after the plane crash:

24. Cristina operates in the dark:

25. Cristina drinks during the softball game:

26. Cristina gets choked by Owen:

27. Cristina suffers from PTSD after the hospital shooting:

28. Cristina will stop at nothing to be a doctor:

29. Cristina and Meredith end up as old spinsters:

30. Cristina and Owen get married: 

Did we miss any of your favorites? Share 'em in the comments!

This article originally appears on TV

This article originally appears on TV

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May 17, 2014
Number 23. Just seeing the pic makes me uncomfortable. It's so horrible, but so strong and beyond brilliant acting. She will be missed. How will Meredith deal with losing her person I wonder.
May 16, 2014
May 15, 2014
...... This makes me want to rewatch all 10 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. I'm so gonna miss her.
May 15, 2014
This show needs to end. Or if it continues, at the very least the in-house band needs to stop ruining classic songs with their horrible make-overs.
May 15, 2014
Cristina sings "Like a Virgin" during a procedure

I would very much prefer if she sang "Like a Surgeon", by Weird Al Yankovic.
May 15, 2014

One of my favorite moments as well.


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