Grey's Anatomy boots major character

Even if they aren't real, television characters can't live forever. Used to evoke emotional outpouring, give a sense of gravity, and of course boost ratings, killing characters off of television shows is--for better or worse--one of the more awesome things we tune in for week after week.

However, booting off a character because the network isn't synching with him/her or kicking them to the curb because execs think things are getting a little too extreme isn't something loyal viewers will let go of that easily.

Having said that, fans of Grey's Anatomy may be heading down to ABC's headquarters with torches and pitchforks after network executives decided to eliminate one of the medical drama's characters.

Dr. Erica Hahn, played by the effervescent Brooke Smith, won't be returning to Grey's Anatomy, reports And it isn't like she'll be written off slowly--her last episode is this Thursday.

In an interview with Smith, EW dug up some seriously controversial news with regards to Smith and her character. According to EW, sources said that ABC executives weren't comfortable with the lesbian storyline developing between Hahn and Callie (Sara Ramirez) as well as the character in general. Ouch. And apparently they're just cutting the cord clean.

"My final scene is just me heading to my car," said Smith. "I honestly don't know what happens in the next episode. I heard not much."

We spoke to Smith at ABC's TCA press tour this summer, and she couldn't have been more pleasant or optimistic. This seems like an unjust move in an unjust business. WTF, ABC?

Anyone else wondering what really happened?

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